PostgreSQL Database Administration

Date: 2018-02-05 – 2018-02-08
Location: online
Language: English

Each student receives:

  • PDF course notes
  • One-on-one lab assistance
  • Cloud hosted virtual lab machine(s) for practice sessions

Course outline:

Installing PostgreSQL Server and Client

  • Comparison of installation methods
  • Demonstration of installation
  • Hands-on installation exercise

Administration Tools and Options

  • psql options
  • Other PostgreSQL command line utilities

Configuring a PostgreSQL Cluster

  • Review components of a PostgreSQL cluster
  • Initialize and run a cluster

SQL in PostgreSQL

  • DDL
  • DML
  • Running queries in psql
  • PostgreSQL data types
  • Creating and using views

Cluster Security

  • Enabling remote connections to cluster
  • Host-based authentication (pg_hba.conf)

User Security

  • Creating users
  • Using and assigning user roles
  • User authentication

Backup and Recovery Methods

  • Selecting an effective backup approach
  • Logical backup
  • Physical backup

PostgreSQL Optimization


High Availability Configuration and Operation

  • Setting up streaming replication
  • Master-Standby replication
  • Triggering failover
  • Logical replication (New for PostgreSQL 10!)

Upgrading PostgreSQL

  • Minor version upgrades
  • Major version upgrades
  • pg_upgrade utility

Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

  • Setting up WAL archiving
  • Running a base backup
  • Recovery from a continuous archive

Prerequisites: Basic SQL, Linux, and bash shell competency

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