PostgreSQL Administration and Performance Tuning - compact version

Date: 2014-12-09 – 2014-12-11
Location: Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Austria
Language: German

During this 3 day training course you will be introduced to all aspects of PostgreSQL performance and administration related topics. This course is the compact version of our 5-day training.


  • PostgreSQL installation
  • Indexing (btree, fuzzy search, etc.)
  • The PostgreSQL cost model / optimizer
  • Transactions and locking
  • PostgreSQL storage management and VACUUM
  • PostgreSQL backup and recovery
  • PostgreSQL replication and PITR
  • Monitoring
  • Log file management
  • Adjusting kernel parameters
  • Optimizing stored procedures
  • Detecting bottlenecks

The course will be held in german. More information can be found here on our website

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