PostgreSQL DBA 9 Training (Get Certified)

Date: 2013-06-24 – 2013-06-27
Location: Las VEgas, NV, United States

Experienced candidates also have an option to take this training Virtual Live to prepare for the certification exams. For more information about the PostgreSQL exams, please review the PostgreSQL training objectives.

Course & Exam Objectives & Outline I. Getting Started

  1. Installing PostgreSQL
  2. Compiling and Installing PostgreSQL on Linux/Unix
  3. Post-Installation Setup
  4. The PostgreSQL Windows Installer

  5. Creating a Database and Testing the Server

  6. Initializing a Cluster
  7. Creating a Database
  8. Starting the Database Server
  9. The psql Client
  10. Startup Failures and Client Connection Problems

II. Basic PostgreSQL Administration

  1. Overview of PostgreSQL Architecture
  2. Configuration Files
  3. Physical Storage and File Layout
  4. Tablespaces
  5. System Catalogs
  6. Logging Parameters

  7. Roles and Privileges

  8. Roles and Their Attributes
  9. Privileges
  10. Role Membership

  11. Security

  12. Securing TCP Connections with SSL
  13. Create Secure SSH Tunnels
  14. Client Authentication
  15. Encryption Options

  16. Backup and Recovery

  17. Overview of Backup Methods
  18. Performing an SQL Dump and Restore
  19. Filesystem Backup

  20. Maintenance and Monitoring

  21. Routine Maintenance Tasks
  22. Monitoring Database Activity
  23. Monitoring Disk Usage

  24. Client Connections

  25. PostgreSQL SDBC and OpenOffice
  26. Windows ODBC and Microsoft Access
  27. Perl DBI

III. Advanced Administration Topics

  1. Performance Tuning
  2. Continuous Backup and PITR
  3. Warm Standby Servers for High Availability
  4. Asynchronous Replication with Slony-I
  5. Procedural Languages
  6. Contrib Modules Hands-on Labs:

All of the following labs plus much more will be covered during this training program:

• Compile and Install PostgreSQL • Network Access and Logging • Manage Roles and Privileges • Table Inheritance and Partitioning • Setting up Autovacuum • Backup using pg dump • Backup using PITR (Point-In-Time Recovery) • Explore Statistics and System Tables • Performance: Creating an Index • Performance: Configuration Settings for Increased Performance • Performance: Effect of Moving the Transaction Logs (pg_xlog) • Install and Use phpPgAdmin

Call For International: 1-630-863-4216 USA: 877-724-3477 Or e-mail:

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