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SPI_scroll_cursor_move -- move a cursor


void SPI_scroll_cursor_move(Portal portal, FetchDirection direction,
                            long count)


SPI_scroll_cursor_move skips over some number of rows in a cursor. This is equivalent to the SQL command MOVE.


Portal portal

portal containing the cursor

FetchDirection direction


long count

number of rows to move for FETCH_FORWARD or FETCH_BACKWARD; absolute row number to move to for FETCH_ABSOLUTE; or relative row number to move to for FETCH_RELATIVE

Return Value

SPI_processed is set as in SPI_execute if successful. SPI_tuptable is set to NULL, since no rows are returned by this function.


See the SQL FETCH command for details of the interpretation of the direction and count parameters.

Direction values other than FETCH_FORWARD may fail if the cursor's plan was not created with the CURSOR_OPT_SCROLL option.

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