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E.237. Release 7.4.3

Release Date: 2004-06-14

This release contains a variety of fixes from 7.4.2. For information about new features in the 7.4 major release, see Section E.240.

E.237.1. Migration to Version 7.4.3

A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.4.X.

E.237.2. Changes

  • Fix temporary memory leak when using non-hashed aggregates (Tom)

  • ECPG fixes, including some for Informix compatibility (Michael)

  • Fixes for compiling with thread-safety, particularly Solaris (Bruce)

  • Fix error in COPY IN termination when using the old network protocol (ljb)

  • Several important fixes in pg_autovacuum, including fixes for large tables, unsigned oids, stability, temp tables, and debug mode (Matthew T. O'Connor)

  • Fix problem with reading tar-format dumps on NetBSD and BSD/OS (Bruce)

  • Several JDBC fixes

  • Fix ALTER SEQUENCE RESTART where last_value equals the restart value (Tom)

  • Repair failure to recalculate nested sub-selects (Tom)

  • Fix problems with non-constant expressions in LIMIT/OFFSET

  • Support FULL JOIN with no join clause, such as X FULL JOIN Y ON TRUE (Tom)

  • Fix another zero-column table bug (Tom)

  • Improve handling of non-qualified identifiers in GROUP BY clauses in sub-selects (Tom)

    Select-list aliases within the sub-select will now take precedence over names from outer query levels.

  • Do not generate "NATURAL CROSS JOIN" when decompiling rules (Tom)

  • Add checks for invalid field length in binary COPY (Tom)

    This fixes a difficult-to-exploit security hole.

  • Avoid locking conflict between ANALYZE and LISTEN/NOTIFY

  • Numerous translation updates (various contributors)

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