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E.300. Postgres95 Release 0.02

Release Date: 1995-05-25

E.300.1. Changes

Incompatible changes:
 * The SQL statement for creating a database is 'CREATE DATABASE' instead
   of 'CREATEDB'. Similarly, dropping a database is 'DROP DATABASE' instead
   of 'DESTROYDB'. However, the names of the executables 'createdb' and
   'destroydb' remain the same.

New tools:
 * pgperl - a Perl (4.036) interface to Postgres95
 * pg_dump - a utility for dumping out a postgres database into a
        script file containing query commands. The script files are in an ASCII
        format and can be used to reconstruct the database, even on other
        machines and other architectures. (Also good for converting
        a Postgres 4.2 database to Postgres95 database.)

The following ports have been incorporated into postgres95-beta-0.02:
 * the NetBSD port by Alistair Crooks
 * the AIX port by Mike Tung
 * the Windows NT port by Jon Forrest (more stuff but not done yet)
 * the Linux ELF port by Brian Gallew

The following bugs have been fixed in postgres95-beta-0.02:
 * new lines not escaped in COPY OUT and problem with COPY OUT when first
   attribute is a '.'
 * cannot type return to use the default user id in createuser
 * SELECT DISTINCT on big tables crashes
 * Linux installation problems
 * monitor doesn't allow use of 'localhost' as PGHOST
 * psql core dumps when doing \c or \l
 * the "pgtclsh" target missing from src/bin/pgtclsh/Makefile
 * libpgtcl has a hard-wired default port number
 * CREATE TYPE doesn't accept 'variable' as the internallength
 * wrong result using more than 1 aggregate in a SELECT

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