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33.14. Embedded SQL Commands

Table of Contents
ALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR -- allocate an SQL descriptor area
CONNECT -- establish a database connection
DEALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR -- deallocate an SQL descriptor area
DECLARE -- define a cursor
DESCRIBE -- obtain information about a prepared statement or result set
DISCONNECT -- terminate a database connection
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE -- dynamically prepare and execute a statement
GET DESCRIPTOR -- get information from an SQL descriptor area
OPEN -- open a dynamic cursor
PREPARE -- prepare a statement for execution
SET AUTOCOMMIT -- set the autocommit behavior of the current session
SET CONNECTION -- select a database connection
SET DESCRIPTOR -- set information in an SQL descriptor area
TYPE -- define a new data type
VAR -- define a variable
WHENEVER -- specify the action to be taken when an SQL statement causes a specific class condition to be raised

This section describes all SQL commands that are specific to embedded SQL. Also refer to the SQL commands listed in Reference I, SQL Commands, which can also be used in embedded SQL, unless stated otherwise.

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