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pgAdmin v1.4.1 Released

Posted on Dec. 14, 2005

I'm pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.4.1, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source and a variety of binary formats from:

V1.4.1 is primarily a bug fix release, including the following changes:

  • Default the encoding of new databases to the cluster encoding
  • Sort encoding names in dlgDatabase
  • Store UTF8 connect info in pgpass.conf if necessary
  • Major fix for wx2.6.2 API changes (comboboxes)
  • Drop constraints on columns before the columns themselves
  • Graphical explain: distinct scan images
  • Fix the server status SQL query
  • Include pg_dump/pg_restore in the Mac OSX bundle
  • Use a proper 'Save As' style dialogue for selecting backup files
  • Don't show primary key hint when editing view
  • Add missing NO ACTION FK constraint
  • Fix procedure/triggerFunc collection list
  • Allow all 8.x column changes
  • Fix param name quoting for procedures

For more information about pgAdmin, please visit the website at:

Dave Page

pgAdmin Development Team

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