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phpPgAdmin 3.2 Released

Posted on Nov. 28, 2003

phpPgAdmin 3.2 Released

The phpPgAdmin development team is proud to announce the release of the latest version of phpPgAdmin: 3.2.


(RPMs will be available soon)


This release builds upon the foundation of the hugely popular 3.0 release, with these new features:

* Afrikaans translation

* PostgreSQL 7.5 CVS support

* Option to dump table structure, data or structure and data

* Set datestyle and extra_float_digits when dumping data

* Results of table browse, table select, view browsing and report browsing

can now ALL be sorted by column

* Result rows of table selects can now be edited and deleted

* Extra login security to prevent logging into servers as postgres and

no password - a VERY common newbie error.

* Cluster indexes and indexed constraints (with analyze)

* Display clustered status of indexes and indexed constraints

* Table info - shows tables that reference the table, parent tables,

and child tables.

* Choice of operator when performing a Select

* 'Select All' feature of table selects now available on view


* Show casts

* Show conversions

* Show languages

* Make table icon link to browse table

* New show_advanced option that allows the hiding or display of

"advanced" objects such as conversions, types, operators, casts and


* Find Object feature can now find conversions, languages, domains,

constraints, indexes, rules and triggers.

* Better language Makefile for translators

* The SQL box now remembers your query when you click 'Back'.

Online Demo

Interested? Try out our online demo:


The phpPgAdmin Developers

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