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Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.0 released

Posted on June 21, 2011

Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an easy CASE tool with intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build a clear and effective database structure visually, see the complete picture (diagram) representing all the tables, references between them, views, stored procedures and other objects. Then you can easily generate a physical database on a server, modify it according to any changes you made to the diagram using fast ALTER statements.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:

Version 1.8.0 (June 20, 2011)

[!] Unicode support added

[+] "Include version to Generate & Modify scripts file names" option added to Diagram Properties dialog

[+] Import and Export for connection profiles added

[+] Support for stored routines default parameters values added to Reverse Engineering engine

[+] Updated printing system introduced

[*] Composites, scalars and enums are listed in Object Tree from now

[*] Model version auto incrementation improved

[-] "Cannot set empty values for some options in right detail panels in the Table Editor" bug fixed

[-] "Constraint Manager duplicates columns in PK constraints" bug fixed

[-] "Create a connection profile for the new database option ignored in New Database Wizard" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database ignores Autoinc flag of model columns" bug fixed

[-] "Some nodes collapse in Object Tree View if it looses focus" bug fixed

[-] "String constants with Unicode characters (>$FF) may not pass validation in Execute SQL Query dialog" bug fixed

[-] "Texts are missing in PDF export" bug fixed

[-] "Wrong order of added columns in Modify Database result script" bug fixed

[-] SLL connections fixed

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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