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PHPRunner 5.2 released with PostgreSQL support

Posted on Jan. 6, 2010

PHPRunner 5.2 is PHP code generator with full PostgreSQL support. PHPRunner builds visually appealing web frontend for any PostgreSQL database.

A list of new features and download link

What's new in PHPRunner 5.2:

  1. Audit

All actions like login/logout/record editing/adding/deleting etc are logged to Audit table.

  1. Record locking on Edit pages.

  2. Column resizing.

Resize any column on the list page by dragging it's edge.

  1. Edit/Add master-details tables on the same page

  2. Option: Block user account after three unsuccessful login attempts

  3. Option: Section 508 compliance

  4. Search panel (advanced search on the list page)

  5. Google maps widget

  6. Clickable markers (point to the View page)

  7. javascript API to manage maps: map refresh on demand, center marker on map, add/update/delete markers

  8. 'Insert button' feature. Add a button in Visual Editor and type in code to be executed after button is pressed. Supports both client-side (Javascript) and server-side (PHP/ASP) events.

  9. Add CAPTCHA to any page

(Edit/Add/Login/Password reminder etc)

  1. AJAX-based pagination/sorting/search

Sort or search for data records without reloading the whole page.

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